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Here are a few snapshots of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. Interestingly enough ASP.NET does not display correctly in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. I can’t say i’m keen on the new design or see any feature that particularly appeals to me, however it may grow on me. Also memory usage whilst using a single […]

Lately i’ve been playing with a number of beta’s from Microsoft. Firstly was Microsoft MAX, after watching a fairly recent cast on channel9 and installing WinFX Runtime Components September CTP, I received the following error in Outlook 2003 “Could not initialize CLR MANAGED MAPI SERVICE CATASTROPIC FAILURE, Unknown error”. After finding out that The WinFX […]


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22 Jan 2006

I started writing this a while back, and I figured I might as well publish it, despite being some what incomplete… I always find that usability is a difficult topic to cover and as such, there are very limited resources that solely address this issue separate to the notion of accessibility. As the two topics […]

I was quite surprised to see my computers memory usage creep up to 811,316K with FireFox (1.07) open with two tabs, minimal graphics and no pages containing applets. I realise Firefox has many problems with memory usage and multiple tabs, (I’m not sure if thats still the case) and also with a large number of […]

Just came across an Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. I was hoping it would have a network protocol analyzer built in, but it looks very handy any how. Regardless you can still use NETCAP, which is included in the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools, or microsoft network monitor with windows server editions, or Ethereal, […]

Currently it is not possible to manage multiple Exchange Accounts with a single profile and it looks like it won’t be possible in Outlook 12 either. Looks like i’ll have to keep on tapping my fingers on the desk while outlook shuts down and restarts another profile. The main problem with this is that Exchange […]

Just came across this whilst creating an XML HTTP object and creating a socket to a page that doesn’t exist. I couldn’t understand what was going on when I saw that. <!– – Unfortunately, Microsoft has added a clever new – “feature” to Internet Explorer. If the text of – an error’s message is “too […]

Expanding on a tip from the previous post, I quite often will have conversations over msn messenger in the morning and forgett to mail myself the logs of how to do things. Heres one way to access your logs or attach a file system. On the server, create a Share with write permissions in my […]

I just came across this about Friends Reunited web site for £120 million on informitv, not bad considering it was a established from their back room ITV acquires Friends web site for 120 million pounds ITV, the UK commercial television company, has acquired the Friends Reunited web site from its founders for £120 million in […]

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19 Dec 2005

Everyone has their own way of doing things, whether its through one short cut or another, anyway heres some quick tips. If you have any submit them below, i’m sure I we all still have plenty to learn. Minimise Outlook to Systray… Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Preferences] “MinToTray”=dword:00000001 MAP Network drives, including Samba from […]

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