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Firstly, PHP has very little dependencies. It does not need any files copied to the system root as many installation instructions state (with the exception of certain PHP extensions). PHP from the command line. Usage: PHP [options] [-f] <file>[–][args…] PHP [options] -r <code> [–] [args…] PHP [options[ [-B <begin_code>] -R <code>[-E <end_code>] [–] [args…] PHP […]

Recently I have been researching into multi-lingual content, admittedly I have never properly looked into the concepts of Internationalization and Localization (i18n, l10n) before. Whilst reading the ICU documents. I have realised there is a significant lack of support for i18n & l10n in PHP applications. Despite the controversy with enterprise PHP, and the contenders […]

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I have been a developer for roughly 10 years and have worked with an extensive range of technologies. Whilst working for relatively small companies, I have worked with all aspects of the development life cycle, which has given me a broad and in-depth experience.