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Lately, i’ve been reading Advanced PHP Programming, by George Schlossnagle, which I must say is an excellent book. Below is an excerpt, which I find particularly interesting on the topic of error handling. “Production Display of Errors How to notify users of errors is often a political issue. All the large clients I have worked […]

Update: I tested the script in my previous post to generate domains on an alternative server and it worked flawlessly (Not quite sure why, and I need to test further). However, one of the features that are missing from Plesk is to create aliases of domains. Through the Plesk API, you can create a redirect […]

Today I was trying to generate domains through Plesk with the RPC API, the following actually creates the domain, despite throwing the following error. Looking at the domain in plesks admin it states “Hosting (Domain has no hosting configured)”. Once configuring the domain through the “Physical hosting setup page for domain” interface page successfully […]

Sharepoint & PHP


8 Dec 2005

I was interested in integrating PHP and SharePoint services, and using Microsoft Word 2003 (Or other MS Office Products) to upload documents directly to PHP, here are some of my observations. There are two processes winword.exe itself pyshically POST’s the word document on the server, another process called dssm.exe (Microsoft Office Document Update Utility), which […]

It’s been a little while since I published something, so I’ll make something live. I tend to forgett about a silly quirk in internet explorer that I continually bump into, which generally takes me time to figure out why page does not load… Usually this is when downloading documents and is a very simple fix […]

I’ve been using Zend Studio for Eclipse (beta) for several weeks in a rewrite of a framework and numerous sites at work and overall I really like the IDE. Its got some great features and being based on the eclipse project makes it really extensible and customizable. With debugging, profiling, code completion, code formatting and […]

PHP-5.1.0RC3 Released


17 Oct 2005

PHP-5.1.0RC3 just released 20 minutes ago:) 6f48ee0b43f54dff8f9e683d337885c1 7091baf5ebb8b93d715ac5e9dd4b7ce3 “I anticipate a final RC candidate to be released no later then October 31st, 2005. This will then be followed by 5.1.0 stable within 1-2 weeks.”, Ilia Alshanetsky

With the recent release of PHP 5.1.0 RC1, I have noticed a release of Zends Session Clustering that their marketing team had mentioned was due for a release (I assume this to have been delayed). Whilst I have been using standard file based session’s for an on going project, I hit an unusual stumbling block […]

The never ending list of functions… Some more for me to learn and play with, many are part of the Zend Platform…. accelerator_get_blacklist() array accelerator_get_blacklisted_paths() array accelerator_get_configuration() array accelerator_get_scripts() array accelerator_get_server_start_time() long accelerator_get_statistics() array accelerator_get_uris() array accelerator_get_version_info() array accelerator_reset() void accelerator_set_status(boolean $status) boolean accelerator_unlock_functions(string $password) boolean confirm_extname_compiled(string $arg) string leak(int[optional] $num_bytes = 3) void output_add_rewrite_var(string […]

I have implemented a object model, which should be extensible enough to implement different providers for managing IIS. Method Description Get Retrieves a value for a named property from the object. GetDataPaths Retrieves the paths to all locations of a metabase property subordinate to a specified starting path. GetEx Retrieves a value or values for […]

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