Expanding on a tip from the previous post, I quite often will have conversations over msn messenger in the morning and forgett to mail myself the logs of how to do things. Heres one way to access your logs or attach a file system.

On the server, create a Share with write permissions in my instance I have named the folder ShareMSMessengerLogs
On the client machine execute the following command.

NET USE H: \\\Share

This will then prompt you for a username and password, enter the credentials for the server, although I wouldn’t recommend using your administrator account and also it does not matter what drive you attach this too as long as it is not taken, in this instance I have used drive H:

The password or user name is invalid for \\\Share.

Enter the user name for '': Administrator
Enter the password for
The command completed successfully.

Now set the path in MSN Messenger to the path of the network drive H: