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I have come across a few Ajax applications or implentations of Ajax that has impressed me due to their simplicity and clean designs, what Ajax implementations have impressed you lately?

I’ve been using Zend Studio for Eclipse (beta) for several weeks in a rewrite of a framework and numerous sites at work and overall I really like the IDE. Its got some great features and being based on the eclipse project makes it really extensible and customizable. With debugging, profiling, code completion, code formatting and […]

I was playing around trying to bind Multiple Websites in IIS5.1 on Windows XP, however after trying to find information on why trying to start up both services resulted in the following error “The request is not supported”, despite being bound to different IP addresses. I finally came across Kristofer Gäfvert site, which states this […]

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5 Nov 2005

i18n & Flash system.useCodepage = true; Unicode or the traditional code page of the operating system running the Player to interpret external text files. The default value of system.useCodepage is false . Text that you include or load as an external file (using the #include command, the loadVariables or getURL actions, or the LoadVars or […]

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