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With the recent release of PHP 5.1.0 RC1, I have noticed a release of Zends Session Clustering that their marketing team had mentioned was due for a release (I assume this to have been delayed). Whilst I have been using standard file based session’s for an on going project, I hit an unusual stumbling block […]


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17 Aug 2005

After reviewing MultiMap, I decided to demo StreetMap and in conclusion they both have fantastically appalling interfaces. Whilst MultiMap’s implementation appears to be more flexible allowing information to flexible, these interfaces demonstrate the extreme basics of their services. The only information required to implement a store location facility is a PostCode, Longitude and Latitude and […]


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11 Aug 2005

I recently started playing with a couple trial accounts from multi-map for a client of ours. I was quite surprised it is actually running Coldfusion and MySQL. Whilst I have heard of MySQL supporting GIS and Spatial data, I have never seen an implementation or known of one until now. Whilst playing with Multimap I […]

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