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27 Mar 2005

After pitching for the Museum of London it has brought to light the hypocritical nature of businesses and web standards. Why claim under false pretences that your site abides to web-standards? I find this fundamentally scrutinizing when it states “The Museum is not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising from your use […]

I have implemented a object model, which should be extensible enough to implement different providers for managing IIS. Method Description Get Retrieves a value for a named property from the object. GetDataPaths Retrieves the paths to all locations of a metabase property subordinate to a specified starting path. GetEx Retrieves a value or values for […]

Firstly, PHP has very little dependencies. It does not need any files copied to the system root as many installation instructions state (with the exception of certain PHP extensions). PHP from the command line. Usage: PHP [options] [-f] <file>[–][args…] PHP [options] -r <code> [–] [args…] PHP [options[ [-B <begin_code>] -R <code>[-E <end_code>] [–] [args…] PHP […]

Extending on Wez Furlongs article at zend on Com… Firstly lets clear up a little introduction to ADSI and its relevance to Com. Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) abstracts the capabilities of directory services from different network providers in a distributed computing environment, to present a single set of directory service interfaces for managing network […]

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