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The never ending list of functions… Some more for me to learn and play with, many are part of the Zend Platform…. accelerator_get_blacklist() array accelerator_get_blacklisted_paths() array accelerator_get_configuration() array accelerator_get_scripts() array accelerator_get_server_start_time() long accelerator_get_statistics() array accelerator_get_uris() array accelerator_get_version_info() array accelerator_reset() void accelerator_set_status(boolean $status) boolean accelerator_unlock_functions(string $password) boolean confirm_extname_compiled(string $arg) string leak(int[optional] $num_bytes = 3) void output_add_rewrite_var(string […]

Redbus Tour

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21 Jul 2005

Yesterday Andrew Gearing (AGCC), took me on a tour of London Meridian Gate DC. You cannot go anywhere without a PAC security card access and it was very noisy on the datacenters floors. Anyway was very interesting to see, thanks Andrew:) Security Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) installed Smoke detection system FM2000 fire suppression […]

Character Encoding

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15 Jul 2005

Yesterday I had a nightmare with some very unusual character encoding issues. This only occurred in internet explorer, however the text of the page was static, the charset for the page was: <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″> and also the http header for the charset was set to UTF-8. Halfway through the body of the content […]

A very quick thing I learnt yesterday as well.. When using a hyperlink to a pdf file you can search the document by suffixing a hash. .pdf#search=’query’ Ensure the query is within quotes.

A particular interesting project, as I have been doing a little research into this topic and recently retrieved the specifications for ETSI. The BBC TV-Anytime Java API is for parsing, manipulating and creating TV-Anytime metadata. It is currently released under LGPL TV-Anytime is an open standard for metadata describing TV and radio programmes that is […]

Odd XSL Bug

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11 Jul 2005

Today I found an odd bug in MSXML. <!–   <xsl:comment> —–BEGIN call-template name=”article” EMPTY PathID—– </xsl:comment> –> msxml3.dll error ‘80004005’ The stylesheet does not contain a document element. The stylesheet may be empty, or it may not be a well-formed XML document. “C:\DOMAINS\HOSTELHOST.COM\WWWROOT\CLIENT\DK\EYEWITNESS\../includes/src/default.asp, line 43”

Getting back into ASP

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10 Jul 2005

I recently wrote a very quick CMS in ASP in two days and seeing as I haven’t touched ASP in a number of years and have forgotten alot of very minor things, such as language constructs. I have re-learnt some slightly odd methods to what i’ve been using recently with complex forms for example passing […]

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