The never ending list of PHP functions


25 Jul 2005

The never ending list of functions… Some more for me to learn and play with, many are part of the Zend Platform….

accelerator_get_blacklist()  array
accelerator_get_blacklisted_paths()  array
accelerator_get_configuration()  array
accelerator_get_scripts()  array
accelerator_get_server_start_time()  long
accelerator_get_statistics()  array
accelerator_get_uris()  array
accelerator_get_version_info()  array
accelerator_reset()  void
accelerator_set_status(boolean $status)  boolean
accelerator_unlock_functions(string $password)  boolean

confirm_extname_compiled(string $arg)  string

leak(int[optional] $num_bytes = 3)  void

output_add_rewrite_var(string $name, string $value)  bool
output_cache_check_file(string $filename)  array
output_cache_disable()  void
output_cache_disable_compression()  void
output_cache_exists(string $key, int $lifetime)  mixed
output_cache_fetch(string $key, string $function, int $lifetime)  string
output_cache_get(string $key, int $lifetime)  mixed
output_cache_get_statistics()  array
output_cache_output(string $key, string $function, int $lifetime)  string
output_cache_put(string $key, mixed $data)  bool
output_cache_remove(string $filename)  string
output_cache_remove_key(string $key)  string
output_cache_remove_url(string $url)  string
output_cache_stop()  void
output_reset_rewrite_vars()  bool

time_nanosleep(long $seconds, long $nanoseconds)  mixed

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