Here are a few snapshots of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. Interestingly enough ASP.NET does not display correctly in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. I can’t say i’m keen on the new design or see any feature that particularly appeals to me, however it may grow on me. Also memory usage whilst using a single tab seems very low, however opening multiple tabs soon crept upto 120k.

Admittedly I don’t know too much about XAML, however its interesting to see some permissions mapped into Internet Explorer, already. As mentioned in my previous post, I now have “Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer” installed, so, I can dabble with XAML.

Firstly, with the RSS integration you cannot distinguish whether you have read an individual post, as it marks the entire feed as read when selecting a feed, you also cannot mark the entire feed as un/read, and it does not allow you to customise the RSS feed with XSL or CSS. I’m sure some of these short comings will be resolved in new’er versions.