Automate PHP Install on Windows.


27 Mar 2006

Well, i’ve been rather busy at work, which is nothing short of typical now, however I thought I would post up a script that I wrote to automate the installation of PHP on Windows. In general I’m a very lazy person, and found it irritating going to the PHP site, downloading and manually installing PHP in the same mundane fashion that I have described in the past. Oh, and that even means monitoring the site for new releases.

The script I wrote uses a batch file, JScript on the client using WSH,WMI, and a few applications I have bundled with this quick distribution. Which copies, SVN, CVS, and an unzip package (located in the directory bin). It will then download a number of packages that I like to keep tabs on such as:

Simply execute “CVS.PHP.bat”

Whilst, I have only set this to download CVS phpweb, and extract each. Anyway, I realise that it does struggle with PHP4, however that simply requires some DLL’s into the SAPI dir for example, anyway I haven’t got time to do anymore on this, considering i’m now using a Mac Book Pro.

There are a couple things, I haven’t automated such as virtualhosts, and setting the hosts file, however if someone has some spare time, would be nice to get that working too…

Note: requires Apache 2 and I have this scheduled to run every day at 6.30pm.


Anyway for those lazy people enjoy ;)

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